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cheap michael kors handbags They can live in the Chinese brand hotel, enjoy the service and get a good experience. 'This is the' self-willed 'money into the hearts of leading Chinese brands to the world of' China Dream ' Development ideas, to capture changes in the grounding gas market segments in the change, people 's living habits are changing, so Wanda hotel business ideas have been changed accordingly. For example, the national policy to allow students to second child, parent-child Tourism is an habit trend, they do in the hotel children 's room, children' s room can also do summer camps, children can learn to swim, learn to sing ... 6 resort, Different places, different customs, Different climate changes, etc., to provide targeted destination services, food, shelter, travel, shopping, leisure together, there are theme parks, indoor and outdoor playground, Wanda Mao, Creating a new city living, so that guests enjoy eating, drinking, enjoyment, leisure, and even organized family gatherings. According to different geographical features cheap michael kors outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet online whether it is Wanda Hotel, Wanda Park, Wanda Mao are integrated into the strong local cultural ideas, Such as Hefei Hotel amusement park is the building of Huizhou, Nanchang hotel into the Jingdezhen ceramics, porcelain, where there is a large Ceramic architecture, all made out of ceramic hand, full of local culture ... ... have to say the Food, Wanda 100 the size of the hotel, the biggest feature is that every place a combination of local cuisine. Accommodation of the hotel, the probability of a meal inside the hotel is very small, in fact, a large part of the guests or For example, Hefei Wanda Mandarin chef is the local Hefei young man, the local people to make the dishes are the most authentic. While China 's national', the local people's local public, like a taste, to long-term business. Brands need to have Chinese elements, but if the world, we must fall to the local, should follow the local way of life to do. For example, the United States to operate the hotel, according to local laws, employees can not use michael kors bags outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet Chinese Employees, most still need locals, in order to better accommodate the preferences of local people, while facing different countries, different cultural guests, should be combined National conditions, customs do a good job. For the service industry, they are faced with the various Her life, in the end is 'she' or 'he' people ..., a variety of people 90-year-old people have access to services, 30-year-olds have to service the rich people have services, Money people have to serve ... ... at the same time in foreign countries to build hotels, hotels , But also need to understand the different national cultural and legal system. Therefore, Wanda Hotel training personnel, is the EQ high, knowledgeable, innovative talents, this knowledge not only from the books to school, more from the Wanda Hotel to provide practical opportunities To learn, understand others, understand themselves, Proficient in Chinese culture and foreign markets, and ultimately train into a high-quality international hotel talent. At the same time michael kors factory outlet

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