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The Seychelles Corporation

The Seychelles Corporation is probably one of the best kept offshore secrets in the entire world. Many people as well as governments are pretty much unaware of the existence of a small group of islands off of the eastern coast of Africa which were once colonies of Great Britain.

The Seychelles Corporation is probably one of the most secure offshore entities available in the industry today. Due to the fact that the Seychelles has implemented one of the best privacy legislations in the world, it is virtually impossible to penetrate the shield in which this entity provides. Another one of the great benefits offered by the jurisdiction is that there is no public registry and there is no requirement to divulge the name of the directors or beneficial owners to the registry.

This type of offshore entity can be used for quite a large number of activities. Many people have found that this type of company is an excellent vehicle for offshore investing, e-commerce, a holding company, a trading company, and import export Company, a consulting company, amongst others. Due to the flexibility of the Seychelles Corporation, many people have found that is relatively simple to establish a new business or continue an existing business with this entity while reducing overall costs associated with conducting business.

In December 1994 the Seychelles enacted legislation enabling the registration of International Business Companies, International Trusts and the licensing of International (free) Trade Zone Companies. More recent legislation covers the licensing of offshore banks, offshore Insurance, mutual funds activities and the regulating of a securities industry. The new laws were a result of intensive studies of long established offshore jurisdictions and world-wide trust legislation.

Seychelles is one of the fastest IBC registrars in the world. The International Business Companies Act, 1994, governs the operations of offshore companies. The registration process in Seychelles is straightforward.


  • Stable and Independent Country
  • Unparalleled Privacy
  • No requirement to disclose Beneficial Owner, or Shareholder or Director
  • No public register of Shareholder or Directors
  • Bearer Shares allowed. No restriction on movement, no custodian required
  • Nominee Shareholder and Directors permitted
  • Corporate Nominees permitted (including those from other jurisdictions)
  • Fast Incorporation, usually within 24 hours
  • Low Incorporation and Renewal Fees
  • 1 Shareholder, 1 Director; minimum requirement
  • No minimum Share Capital requirements
  • No information sharing treaties with EU, UK, or USA
  • No Annual Corporation returns or financial accounts
  • No Annual meeting requirements
  • English System of Law
  • Secure offshore banking (Barclays)
  • Zero Taxes
  • Not on OECD or FATF blacklists
  • Not subject to EU Savings Tax Directive
  • Convenient Time Zone +4 hrs GMT

Belize Corporate bank Accounts

Offshore corporate accounts and offshore internet banking are not restricted to large "Fortune 500" companies or multi-national companies with large work forces. Almost any type on offshore Corporation can acquire offshore corporate accounts taking into consideration that the offshore Corporation meets the banks requirements. Offshore Corporate Accounts do require additional effort when completing the banks specified requirements. For example, documents may need to be authenticated in the offshore jurisdiction where the offshore Corporation incorporation was undertaken as well as in the embassy or consulate of the respective country where the offshore Corporation will be acquiring the offshore corporate accounts.

Some basic reasons for opening corporate offshore accounts and using offshore internet banking are the following:

  • Enter the global market by establishing an international banking presence.
  • Asset Protection from lawsuits.
  • Relocation banking another jurisdiction where banking is not stable.
  • Receipt of international payment via Swift, IBAN, etc.
  • Possibility for investments on an international scale.
  • Receive payments from clients in multi-currencies.
  • Reduction in current banking fees.
  • Payment systems for employees or rep's on an international level.
  • Receive payments for business transactions considered as "gray" in your current jurisdiction.

The use of corporate offshore banking accounts and using offshore internet banking are not limited to the above list. Your Corporation may have a specific need in which the opening offshore banking accounts can meet. If you should have questions about personal offshore banking accounts or offshore internet banking please feel free to contact one of our helpful staff members for assistance.

Nevada Corporations

Incorporation is very profitable in Nevada for businesspersons compared to the other states. If the services are utilized efficiently, then the benefits come in a heap. This is the reason for incorporation of the businesses with the state of Nevada. Nevada corporation includes in its tax structure no franchise tax, private income, and corporate shares; thus it provides a favorable taxation environment.

The corporate meetings can be held anywhere at anytime - even outside the state. The identities of the directors and shareholders are never disclosed and they need not be U.S citizens. It's not necessary that the directors be shareholders; they can even be nominees. Although the corporation is considered as a separate entity, it can work only through its members.

The directors set the value of various stocks issued such as capital, real estate and lease makes their decision considered to be the final. There is minimal reporting and disclosure requirements as no annual report of stockholder meeting is required. The current list of the officers and directors is necessary. Officers and directors of a Nevada corporation can be protected from any personal liabilities for the lawful acts of the corporation. The power of the corporation in any other is solely derived from the law and constitution in which it has incorporated. There by, the assets and income acquired its tax deductible under the state laws.

The corporation may hold, sell or transfer shares of its stock. It is authorized to issue the own stocks priced by the directors. Incorporating will help owners to separate their personal assets from business assets. The corporation can be formed for the sole purpose of asset protection and for limiting a person's liability in any lawful business venture. No minimum requirements are there on the capital needed to form a Nevada corporation.

The laws avoid individual liability of an officer in a Nevada corporation. In case of an injury caused during the Corporation business, an individual cannot sue the whole corporation, because the defendant solely found liable and pay any judgment issued for the incident.


How this works together

Your Seychelles Corporation (IBC) and Belize Bank account are the keys instruments in this program. This is where the ownership of your property will be located. As you need monies to do business or personal items that money will be sent to your Nevada Corporation under its Employer Identification Number (EIN) from there you can pay yourself and your employee a salary, buy real estate, invest in stock markets etc. You only pay taxes on the profit that the Corporation makes and that is as little as 15%.

As you make money with your Nevada Corporation you can also send money back to the Belize Bank account under your Seychelles Corporation for future investments.

Now many people ask me if this is a perfect system to get around taxes of their country and I say No! It is the best we have at the moment and please be aware that laws change.

As it states above the Seychelles will not taxes your Corporation as long as it does not make money in the country, but the governments of other countries may not feel the same way.

Will you be an expert at how to move money and buy items for your IBC or Nevada corporation, No, but as time goes on you will see and learn what to do and how to do it.

Please remember this is the just the start, where you go from here is up to each individual.

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